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Maximize Your Full Potential.


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At Charleston Orthopaedics & Sports Performance, we have a mission to provide our patients with the highest quality physical therapy and sports performance experience possible. With over 50 years of combined expertise, our dedicated team of physical therapy, sports medicine, and sports performance specialists are committed to helping you maximize your full potential and get you better, faster.

Whether you are looking to recover from an injury or are interested in improving your performance on the field, our team can help you reach your goals. Our individualized approach is tailored to your needs so you can achieve optimal results. We understand the importance of a solid recovery and strive to get our patients back to their active lifestyle as quickly and safely as possible.


The Charleston Orthopaedics & Sports Performance team is Stephen Correia, PT, MHS, OCS, MTC and Greg Banks, ATC, CSCS. Together, they specialize in physical therapy, sports medicine, injury prevention, return-to-play, and sports performance for athletes and individuals of all ages. 


meet the team

Greg Banks, ATC, CSCS
Stephen Correia, PT, MHS, OCS, MTC

GReg banks, ATC, CSCS

Charleston Orthopaedics takes pride in the experience of their sports performance and sports medicine team, proudly led by
Greg Banks, ATC, CSCS.

With 27 years of experience as an ATC and 34 years in sports medicine, Banks provides the highest level of care to elite athletes and weekend warriors alike. Banks 
is also a 2019 FIFA Women's World Cup champion. Through his sports performance business (Competitive Edge Training), personal training, and hands-on therapy, Banks helps clients not only get better, faster, but return to play with optimized results.

Stephen correia, PT, MHS, OCS, MTC

Charleston Orthopaedics is committed to providing individualized and comprehensive care with excellence to meet each patient’s physical therapy needs. The physical therapy team is led by the expertise of 

Stephen Correia, PT, MHS, OCS, MTC.


With 30 years of clinical experience, Correia brings a level of expertise to physical therapy that sets him apart in the Charleston area. With specializations in orthopaedics and evaluation and treatment of musculoskeletal injuries, Correia is passionate about helping people gain a pain-free, active lifestyle, reach their goals, and return to full health. 

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Marathon Runners
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Conveniently located in North Mount Pleasant 

3401 Salterbeck STREET
Suites 103/104
Mount Pleasant, SC

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We accept

Blue Cross Blue Shield
United Healthcare
and Medicare

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Ready to serve all your physical therapy and Sports performance needS


Child Physiotherapy

At Charleston Orthopaedics & Sports Performance, we strive to provide excellent service, with a personalized approach to physical therapy and a strong commitment to patient wellness. Our goal is to empower our patients to reach their highest physical potential.

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